Anomaly Innovations is a software company focused on building products that makes technology more accessible to people. We take a different approach to building products, one rooted in trying to understand what people really care about. Our team is led by Frank and Jay. We are currently working on SEED; a fully-configured code pipeline for Serverless apps. Seed is the simplest way for teams to build and deploy Serverless apps on AWS.

We are lucky to be mentored and advised by a great group of investors including Russ Simmons, Max Levchin, Reid Hoffman, Steve Chen, James Hong, i/o ventures, SV Angel and a few others.

Since our early days at the University of Waterloo, we’ve been building and experimenting with products. Here are some of our past projects; PM, Melt, Pop, Dapt, Cadmus, and ViewPoint. We are also authors of Serverless Stack, a free resource on building full-stack serverless applications.

Feel free to contact us via Twitter or email.